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Dr Lauren

Dr Lauren Archer

Dr Lauren Archer BVSc is the dedicated veterinarian of North Coast Veterinary Services.

Lauren started caring for animals at a very young age. As a toddler on her Grandparents' farm she "helped" in the yards. As she grew, Lauren roamed the paddocks checking none on the cattle had diarrhoea. Once old enough she took an after school job at a vet clinic  where she worked until getting into Veterinary Science at University of Sydney.

Since graduating in 2008 Lauren has gained a broad range of experience. The first years of her career Lauren was a flying vet. In a tiny plane she flew between Katherine and the Torres Strait, working with cattle, horses, dogs and cats on remote stations and Indigenous communities. Since leaving the Northern Territory, Lauren has worked in various practices along the Australian East coast including Murwillumbah, Broken Hill, Maffra, and Yeppoon.

Now Lauren has started  North Coast Veterinary Services, the best vet for rural animals in the region. 

Dr Lauren

Anthony Archer

Anthony Archer is the administration officer and vet assistant of North Coast Veterinary Services.

Having grown up on a dairy farm in the Goulburn Valley, he served in the Army before completing a Science degree at Griffith University.

Currently studying Physiotherapy, he plans to establish a physiotherapy practice for both human and animal patients in the near future.

Anthony will frequently come with Dr Lauren on call outs and provide assistance where strength or spotlights are required.

Dr Lauren


Terry is the feline member of the North Coast Veterinary Services team. 

Her role is spreading love and lazing around; both of which she excels at. 

She is a local girl,  born and bred in Murwillumbah and was named after 'Terry's Chocolate Orange' because of her beautiful colours. 

She lives an indoor lifestyle to protect our local wildlife, and enjoys the occasional treat of freeze dried strawberries and humus. We are lucky to have a cat as dedicated to her job as our Terry. 

Could it be you?

We are building our clinic.  North Coast Veterinary Services is looking for trainees, veterinary nurses and vets to help our clinic credo "Caring for All Animals" come to life.

If you are keen to help us provide excellence in patient and client care in our positive, active, and compassionate clinic then please contact us!

We want to be able to put your picture on our website and tell our clients who your are and why your are such an animal care legend.