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Healthy Horses Package

Healthy Horses Package

In 2023 North Coast Veterinary Services have launched a Healthy Horse visit. This visit is designed to make sure your horse is healthy and in as good a condition as possible for 2023. It is a single visit where all of the veterinary maintenace health care can be performed to keep them smiling in the paddock.

The visit includes:

  • A health check 
  • Faecal worm egg count
  • Vaccination against Hendra virus
  • Vaccination against Tetanus and Strangles
  • Dental floatation to keep their teeth functional and comfortable and sedation to keep it stress free.

All our horse patients deserve to be kept in top health, and just like our dogs and cats an annual health check is a cornerstone of keeping them happy for the long term.

We are also able to offer KLaser therapy to our equine patients. So even if your horse does not needs its Annual Health check we can help with injuries using this non-invasive technique to alleviate pain and speed healing.

  • Posted 20 January, 2023

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