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COVID-19 at the Vet

COVID-19 at the Vet

We are still keeping the pets, wildlife and livestock of the region happy and healthy, but it looks a bit different with social distancing. Veterinary Clinics are an essential service, so we are able to keep operating but need to stick to the government guidelines.

  • We are trying to minimise people coming in to the clinic. Many consultations will be conducted outside to limit contact between people, and we will be keeping the required social distance away. 
  • Personal Protective Equipment such as a visor, gloves, and mask will be used in different situations. We know it can be confronting to chat to a vet about delicate issues while they are wearing PPE but please know we are doing this for your and our safety.
  • We have hand washing and alcohol-based sanitiser available for use while you are in clinic. If the vet is out on your property please make these facilities available to the vet so we can maintain hygeine. 
  • We are recording who is coming into the clinic on a daily register so that clients are contactable should the worst happen and a COVID-19 contact event occur at the clinic. 
  • For Vetbills which have become temporarily unmanagable due to COVID-19 we also have after payment options of Vetpay and Humm


What can you do to help North Coast Veterinary Services keep everyone safe?

  • To minimise the risk of transmission, if possible, please limit the number of people coming in with a pet (or pets) to one person per visit
  • If your health requires special consideration then please inform clinic staff when booking the appointment
  • For pets with ongoing medication requirements please order 2 weeks in advance as some medications are having supply issues. 
  • Utilise our friday home delivery service for your routine preventative medication and food purchases. This delivery service is free during the COVID-19 lockdown to minimise frequent veterinary visits. 
  • Enjoy the extra time with your pets, its not often we get to bask in their love for such a prolonged period.


COVID-19 continues to challenge us to think outside the box while continuing to ensure quality care for our beloved patients. If you have any suggestions about how we could do this better please feel free to contact the clinic. 


  • Posted 23 April, 2020

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